Del Rivero Design co.

A Boutique Creative Studio

Del Rivero co. is a multi-faceted design studio, providing creative services to a wide range of clients – large or small – in New York, Europe and Asia. Our work spans from art direction to branding, digital marketing, packaging, product design and more.

Always thoughtful, curious and engaged, we seek to make our clients’ ideas come to life with a fresh and unique vision, by practicing tailor-made design.

Creative Director:

Natalia Del Rivero

Del Rivero established the studio in 2008 as a growing project while pursuing her full-time career. In 2013 she formalized the studio and in 2014 decided to dedicate herself to it full-time. With her European background and a BFA in Communication Design & Technology from Parsons and an MA in History of Decorative Arts & Design from Parsons & The Smithsonian Institute, she brings intellect and practice to different areas of the field in exciting new ways.

Follow her travels and design finds on CURIO.

Resident Calligrapher:

Sofia Millares Fitzgerald

By way of Mexico, Sofia works and resides in New York City. The talented, self-taught calligrapher works on a wide range of events for an eclectic client list from her studio in Brooklyn where she discovered her love for ink and penmanship. She holds a BA in Design and Technology from Parsons and an extensive career in tech, ux design and programming. It is her love for lettering, craft and all things hand-made that have led her to produce such beautiful artwork. 



the studio’s muse at work in the new york office